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VideoAustralian Reporter Loses a Tooth on Live TV


Robin Meade: “An Australian TV Reporter lost his tooth live on the air, but he managed to smile through the pain.  Our Jeanne Moos shows you this is happened before, not the first time too.”

[Clip starts]

Jeanne Moos (voice-over): “Words you never want to hear yourself say on live TV...”

Craig Bennett: “Hang on. I think my tooth is about to fall out.”

Jeanne Moos (voice-over): “Craig Bennett is an entertainment Reporter for Australia’s Studio 10.”

UNKNOWN: “Crikey, are you okay?”

Craig Bennett: “No, I’m not, my tooth — “

UNKNOWN: “What did you do? Did you bite into something?”

Craig Bennett: “I did. I can’t believe it.”

Jeanne Moos (voice-over): “Smile!  Craig later said the tooth felt a little wobbly earlier, but he figured it would make it through the morning.”

Craig Bennett: “Not something you see on telly every day, is somebody — now I’m whistling as I speak.”

Jeanne Moos (voice-over): “Actually, we have seen it on the telly before.”
OSBORNE: “My tooth is falling out...”

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: Air.TVAuthor(s): Robin Meade, Jeanne Moos, Craig Bennett - News Report Morning Express With Robin MeadeDate: October 12, 2022Duration: 00:02:11Photo/Video Credit: HLN

VideoThe World Laughs: The ‘Bumbling, Stumbling, Lies and Chaos’ of Biden Administration Is ‘Laughable’.


Cory Bernardi: “We usually have a bit of a laugh at U.S. President Joe Biden’s expense, and here’s why.”

[Clip starts]

President Joe Biden: “A vital part of preparing for hurricane season is to get vaccinated now.

President Joe Biden: From senator — Secretary Vilsack — Senator, excuse me — all kidding aside, he’s doing a hell of a job.  Jackie, are you here?  Where’s Jackie?  I didn’t think she was — she wasn’t going to be here —“

[Clip ends]

Cory Bernardi: “I mean, the bumbling, the stumbling, the lies, the chaos surrounding his administration is laughable.  I mean, he was calling out for someone in the crowd that he knew had passed away a month before.  It would be laughable, I said, that if it wasn’t so serious.  That Biden is living with cognitive decline is actually undeniable.  I mean, we see the evidence of it almost every single day and in that he’s not alone.  Many families are dealing with very similar circumstances, and I have to tell you, it’s no laughing matter for them or the people they care about.  But those people are not leaders of the free world.  They don’t have access to a massive nuclear arsenal or propensity to inflame tensions where they should be reduced.  And that global tensions are rising is an undeniable fact.  As is Biden’s dementia, quite frankly.  There are border wars and economic calamities that need to be dealt with and America will have to be at the forefront of dealing with them.  Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Iran, Russia, that’s just some of the tensions and it’s a real question whether Biden is capable of making prudent decisions to deal with these matters.  And of course, that has huge implications for us here in Australia.  You see, we have always backed the United States in times of need, but this time if the worst does happen, should it be different?  And what about the Vice President?  Well, she’s proving to be not much better.  Here she is celebrating the U.S alliance with North Korea earlier today.”

[Clip starts]

Vice President Harris: “The United States shares a very important relationship which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea.  And it is an alliance that is strong and enduring.”

[Clip ends]

Cory Bernardi: “Whatever’s going on in the White House is contagious. These two are just not up to the job.”

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: Air.TVAuthor(s): Cory Bernardi - News ReportSky News AustraliaDate: September 30, 2022Duration: 00:02:35Photo/Video Credit: Sky News Australia

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VideoDem. Rep. Cuellar: ‘Obviously the Border Is Not Secure’

Peer Reviewed Politics™ Commentary: It appears this Democrat politician can figure it out, so why does the White House and Big 3 media continue to deny whats happening on the border?


Henry Cuellar: “Look, obviously the border is not secure.  And I’ve been saying this for so many years.  We got to look at what Secretary Jeh Johnson did.  Actually, President Trump deported less people than President Obama, because we had the right repercussions.  You gotta have the right repercussions.” [crosstalk]

Harris Faulkner: “Well — and fewer people were coming in because they had the Remain in Mexico. Let’s keep it real.”

Henry Cuellar: “Well, actually no. Let’s keep it real.  Actually, Harris, when you look at it, there were more people going — being deported And Secretary Jeh Johnson —“

Harris Faulkner: “Right. Because there were more of them coming.”

Henry Cuellar: “Well, again, there were less people.  If you look at the different numbers.  But again, you got to have the right repercussions.  And I’ve been saying this for so many years.  You got to listen to the border communities.  You got to listen —“
Harris Faulkner: “Yes.”

Henry Cuellar: “— to the landowners.  I’ve looked into ranch, and being in the middle middle of nowhere, and not knowing who’s going to knock on your door, it can be very difficult.”
Harris Faulkner: “It can be.”

Henry Cuellar: “I know, I’ve done that before. I’ve done this. And this is what my landowners have been telling me.”

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: Air.TVAuthor(s): Henry Cuellar, Harris Faulkner - The Faulkner FocusDate: September 28, 2022Duration: 00:00:54Photo/Video Credit: Fox News Channel (FNC)

VideoBrad Polumbo on Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation Plan: ‘Makes a Sucker Out of Me’


Brad Polumbo: This one makes a a sucker out of me know.  I went to an affordable state school work nights from a week before my freshman year started graduated in three years.  I’m a sucker I should have taken alone and in hit the bars with my friends when I worked, those twenty four hours

VideoWe Need to Take the CCP Seriously.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: “We do not want to see malign foreign influence in the state of Florida.  And the number one source of that influence, not just in the United States, but really around the world, is the Chinese Communist Party.  And what they’re able to do economically, culturally, militarily to expand their power, and they have a lot of presence now in our own Western Hemisphere, and you see a lot of leftist governments, Cuba, Venezuela, they welcome in the CCP into our very own hemisphere.  We think that that’s something that we need to take seriously and we think that that’s something that we need to do what we can, the State of Florida, to push back against.”

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: Air.TVAuthor(s): Ron DeSantis - Press ConferenceFLAGOVDate: September 22, 2022Duration: 00:00:41Photo/Video Credit: FLAGOV