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VideoSEC Chair Gary Gensler: Use Caution with Celebrity Endorsements of Investment Products


SEC Chair Gary Gensler: “Celebrities and influencers often are endorsing a variety of products and services across television ads, social media or print, on everything from clothing, diet plans to perfumes.  It catches our attention. We always wondered, did they use the product?  Did they like the product?  How much were they paid to endorse it?  In any case, what does this have to do with the Securities and Exchange Commission?  Sometimes celebrities endorse investment opportunities like crypto tokens or special purpose acquisition companies.  Celebrity endorsements, though, don’t mean that an investment product is right for you, or even, frankly, that it’s legitimate.  Even if a celebrity endorsement is genuine, each investment has its own risks and opportunities that may not fit your investment needs.  Furthermore, a celebrity or influencer’s incentives aren’t necessarily aligned with yours.  We might enjoy watching a celebrity playing on a basketball court, starring in a reality TV show or a movie, or performing to a large crowd at a stadium show.  We shouldn’t confuse those skills though, with the very different skills needed to offer appropriate investment advice.  So before investing, please do your research.  Consider the investment’s potential risks and benefits in light of your own financial goals.  Search a company’s finances, organization, and business prospects through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s database called EDGAR.  And when it comes to crypto, remember, many of these are highly speculative assets.  You may be wondering if it’s right for you or even if it might be a scam.  If you have questions about investing, check out our resources at”

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: Air.TVAuthor(s): SEC Chair Gary Gensler - Internet videoTwitterDate: October 03, 2022Duration: 00:02:05Photo/Video Credit: Twitter

VideoCNBC’s Kernen to W.H.’s Bernstein on Reckless Spending & Inflation: ‘No Way You Could Sell This to Me with a Straight Face’


KERNEN: “Joining us now White House Economist Jared Bernstein.  He’s a member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers and a friend and longtime guest here on ‘Squawk Box.’  And I — I look forward to having you on, Jared, because we could be — I think of us like at a bar saddling up to a bar and just — because we can talk that way about things.”

BERNSTEIN: “That’s a nice — that’s a very nice image.”

KERNEN: “It is.  And I kind of — you know, some of your colleagues come on, and I don’t really get anywhere.  But — but with you, I think you’re in on it.  I think you know what’s going on so that I can be really —“

BERNSTEIN: “Where are you going with this?”

KERNEN: “I’m going to tell you where — I’m going to tell you where I’m going with this.  Here we go.  It’s been a brutal couple of weeks for the market, obviously.”


KERNEN: “Awful inflation numbers.  Now the likelihood of a hard landing, maybe even a global recession, according to some...

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: Air.TVAuthor(s): Joe Kernen, Jared Bernstein - InterviewSquawk BoxDate: September 26, 2022Duration: 00:02:28Photo/Video Credit: CNBC

VideoDow Nears Closing in a Bear Market as Investors Fear Fed-Caused Recession: ‘Even Some Optimists Are Throwing in the Towel’


CNN financial reporter Matt Egan delivered some dire reporting on the U.S. economy Friday as the Dow Jones was “flirting with closing in a bear market” for the first time since March 2020.

CNN Newsroom anchor Ana Cabrera introduced the report by noting President Joe Biden just spoke highlighting “some of his economic wins, making some more promises should his party stay in control.”

Peer Reviewed Politics™ Commentary: We officially ended up in bear market territory today. The Dow Jones fell 486 points or about 1.6%, to 29,590 on Friday, September 23, 2022. The market has fell to 18-month low.  The Fed has raised interest rates four times in a row now, which is the biggest interest rate hike since 1998, but inflation continues on without any break.  There is some good news, the average bear market lasts for about 289 days, but then again we have an election coming real soon, which could change things.

Stakes are High! If Republicans, fail to take 2/3 rds of the Senate and the House of Representatives, you won't see much getting done, as Democrats will continue their fight and will continue to push their losing economic and green deal plans on America.  Whats likely to happen? Legislation will fail on both sides, there will be a stalemate, and nothing will get done for another two years while the American people will suffer.

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: Author(s): Ana Cabrera, Matt Egan - Date: September 23, 2022Duration: 00:02:08Photo/Video Credit: Mediaite / CNN


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