Local Government Corruption

NEW UPDATES COMING: Corrupt Business and Police Officer Filed a False Police Report Against A Peer Reviewed Politics™ Reporter For Exposing Federal HIPPA and State Unprofessional Conduct Law Violations...

(Renton, Washington): Baze Chiropractic and a Renton Police Officer filed a false police report with the Renton City prosecutor against a Peer Reviewed Politics™ reporter Alan Hoffer (An experienced IT person, licensed XII rated Remote Pilot, and video/photographer), which was investigating Federal HIPPA violations and unethical conduct by Baze Chiropractic.

  • Story: Read more about the Shady Bunch here.Attribution / Author: @Teapartier_Al on X.com / The Mole at Peer Reviewed PoliticsDate: December 28, 2020 - On Going Investigations - Last Updated: June 19, 2024 | Photo / Video Credits: Alan Hoffer

Federal Government Corruption

Oversight Committee Chairman Comer Releases Personal Check to President Joe Biden.

WASHINGTON: Breaking News  House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY.) released direct evidence on Friday, October 20, 2023 of large payment made to President Joe Biden by his brother James Biden.

The Oversight Committee obtained by subpoena the bank records of James Biden, which revealed a $200,000 direct payment from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden in the form of a personal check.  Chairman Comer, in September, issued three subpoenas to obtain Hunter and James Bidden’s personal and business bank records.

Joesph Biden's Personal Check to President Joe Biden. Click here to view document Joseph Biden's Personal Check
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Chairman Comer subpoenaed Hunter & James Biden’s personal and business bank records on September 28, 2023, as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

According to the Oversight Committee, in 2018, James Biden received $600.000 in loans from Americore Health, LLC, - is a financially distressed and failing rural hospital operator, which filed Chapter 11.  In Americore's bankruptcy court documents, it states that James Biden had received loans “based upon representations that his last name, ‘Biden,’ could ‘open doors’ and that he could obtain a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections.”

The subpoena uncovered that on March 1, 2018, Americore had wired a $200,000 into James and Sara Biden’s personal bank account as a loan.  This loan money was not put into their business bank account.

According to the records obtained, on the very same day James Biden received this loan, James Biden then wrote a $200,000 check from this same personal bank account to Joe Biden, prior to Joe Biden becoming the President of the United States.

Chairman Comer released a video on X.com (formerly Twitter) outlining this direct payment.  Chairman Comer then stated that President Biden must answer the American people about the check he had received from his brother.

Click on embedded document to view on x.com

Chairman Comer did say that there will be more to come from these subpoena's.  We have no doubt that Representative Comer and Representative Jim Jordan will find more evidence of the treasonous pay to play scheme that Joe and Hunter Biden setup to make millions.

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: Committee On Oversight and AccountabilityPeer Reviewed Politics Article Author: @TeaPartier_Al on TwitterDate: October 22, 2023Video Clip Duration: 00:02:37Photo/Video Credit: Video and Snapshot of the graphic from the government Oversight and Accountability website.

YouTube Removes Jordan Peterson’s Interview of Robert F. Kennedy’s Jr., for Alleged Vaccine Misinformation.

Well, the election hasn’t even started and we already have the Communist Party (DNC) and Deep State (RINOs and the Establishment) working overtime in censoring speech again.

This week’s censoring of speech is brought to you by none other than ‘YouTube’ and their ‘Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.’  Just another page out of Joseph Goebbels playbook in our opinion.

We believe YouTube’s play here is if you don’t like what you hear, then censor it, just like Nazi Germany did in order to control all forms of mass communication, which included the newspaper, music, literature, radio, and film.

Most people wonder why YouTube and other social media groups like Facebook and others censor information and also misuse the meaning context of the word ‘Misinformation’ as these social media groups are not publishers and their companies are not supposedly in the business of doing fact checking, the news, or posting media posts, and/or other types writings.

These forums are supposed to allow for free speech conversations to take place on a large variety of things and that’s why it’s called social media.  Yet these so-called social media oligarchs that run these sites, only seem to censor things they and their comrades don't like, especially when it comes to posts or statements made by conservatives, which can be true information that has something to do with politics or other types ideologies the democrat party don’t want the public to know about.

We’ve seen censoring and labeling made against conservatives posts in past elections and it is still happening today.  In fact its getting way worse by the day on Facebook, YouTube, and other forums like Next Door Neighbor, whereas these social media groups only target one side of the conversation, when it comes to politics or other things that these leftist groups are pushing at the time.  Luckily, Twitter is no longer among these media sites that do censoring, since Twitter was bought out by Elon Musk and he has promised an open forum that welcomes many views and news without censorship.

Most of these left-wing groups censor conservative thought and speech, regardless if the information is true and correct.  These social media groups will either tag these conversations as misinformation or completely censor the information, even if it is coming from their own party, should it be something that the leftist party doesn’t like, as you can see here in the case of the RFK Jr. interview, where he speaks about his thoughts on vaccinations and more.

In case you don't know who Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is, he is a democrat, and the nephew of Former President John F. Kennedy and is the son of former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.  RFK Jr. is currently running for President of the United States in 2024, as a Democrat, whereas the Democratic National Committee and other left wing groups are currently censoring Mr. Kennedy and they won't allow Mr. Kennedy to debate President Joe Biden in these now closed off DNC Primaries.

Yet, over and over, these social media, local, national, and cable news companies allow posting and discussion of fake news from communist leftist, only later to end up with egg on their faces by allowing these leftist to post hoaxes on their social media sites and on the local, national and cable news too, while censoring real news and truthful posts that they don’t want the public to know about.

Also if you are paying attention, you may have noticed that nothing ever happens to the fake leftist posts on social media and on the news.  When the left is caught lying to the public or pushing misinformation, there are no apologies, corrections, or labeling from the social media, national, cable or local news either, i.e., just look at the Trump Collusion Hoax, the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, the Christopher Steele fabricated dossier hoax, the Ukrainian hoax, New York state’s $250 million fraud suit hoax, the climate change hoax, the Smollett hoax, the Summer of Love hoax, the peaceful protesters hoax, "Trump called racists fine people" hoax, the Jan 6th insurrection hoax, the Covid wet market hoax, Ivermectin OD's overwhelming hospitals hoax, “Non-Vaccine Knuckle Dragging GOP Memebers are Spreading Covid” Hoax, Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping hoax, NASCAR noose hoax, Hunter Biden Russian Disinformation Laptop Hoax, FBI Raid on Mara logo Hoax and many other news stories or posts.

You might ask, doesn't social media or the news ever take down these leftist hoaxes and misinformation, or do they even fact check their news or media posts?  The quick answer is no!  In fact, most of these leftist hoaxes and misinformation posts and news are still being reported on these social media sites today, including the local, national, and cable news.  So if you're not that savvy at looking up and checking information, you may still think some of these hoaxes we listed are real, which may result in you voting in a different way than you normally would.  The short story here would apply to these situations, “When the emperor wears no clothes, those who praise his regal attire attempt to bury the truth with rags of lies,” which is an expression made by Danish Author Hans Christian Andersen.  In other words; those who praise the Biden Administration seek to bury the truth to maintain a false reality of things, but will they actually risk standing naked in front of the truth, along with the emperor?  Today’s truth, unlike yesterday’s truth, yes, these leftists would stand naked with the emperor and they would even yell “Shame” on those who uncovered the truth while being naked too.  This is something we never seen in our country before.

One must ask why are we seeing this type of behavior?  Well, most of the news and these social media sites are now being run by leftists kooks, Marxists, communist media control groups, and even the national, cable, and local news networks are partaking in pushing these hoaxes and misinformation out to brainwash voters.  Lots of the people who view these media sites or watch local, national or cable news don’t know this and viewers don’t research what they read or see either.

This is why these con-artist will repeat the lies and misinformation over and over again. In fact, it’s getting harder for people to even know what the real truth is any more, since all these social media groups and the news will repeat, rinse, and re-rinse the same misinformation and lies on their networks, over and over again.  We here at Peer Reviewed Politics see this every day, when we do our own peer reviewing work on subjects that we are posting, reporting or writing about.

So, this is why we are posting a link to this 95-minute interview that’s on multitude of issues besides vaccines.  The interview is called “Rekindling the Spirit of the Classic Democrat,” which was published on June 5, 2023 with Dr. Jordan Peterson interviewing RFK Jr...  The leftist’s media sites are not allowing the interview to be posted and it’s not being picked up and reported by news media either, because RFK Jr. is talking about vaccinations in the interview.

The DNC, social media, local news, national news, cable news, and other corrupt cronies seem to be working hard at making sure Robert Kennedy Jr., is not getting a platform to deliver any type of information out to the public.  We think this maybe because these leftists have determined it would be seriously detrimental to President Biden winning the Democrat Primary should RFK Jr or others get information out to the public.

In this interview Peterson and Kennedy are discussing COVID-19 vaccines, so YouTube cited its vaccine misinformation policy as the justification for censoring the interview in its response to the Jordan Peterson’s Interview.  We here at Peer Reviewed Politics feel its important that public get a chance to listen to this information and RFK Jr., in order to hear other talking points besides President Joe Biden and his controling lapdog media.

New YorkNew York is Likely to Suffer Consequences of Corruption when Judge Arthur Engoron Ordered Donald Trump and his Companies to Pay Almost $355 Million.

Governor Kathy Hochul Picture

Peer Reviewed Politics™: In a ruling in the New York civil fraud case brought by Attorney General Letitia James against Former President Donald Trump, Judge Arthur Engoron claims that Former President Donald Trump defrauded banks and insurers on the worth of his real estate empire.

Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Donald Trump and his companies to pay almost $355 million in alleged damages.  Also, in the court ordered, that the former president is barred from serving as an officer or director of any company in New York for three years.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were also ordered to pay $4 million each for a questionable allegation of fraud.  Both Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were barred from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation for two years.

This ruling should scare any business, company, and/or corporation to death if they are doing business in New York, as the State of New York valued the Former Presidents billion dollar property (Mar-a-lago) in Florida at only 18 million dollars and claimed that former President Trump had committed financial fraud by using his property for collateral to secure loans and providing financial perspective or balanced scorecard to the banks and insurers to obtain business loans and insurance, which according to all the banks that Donald Trudmp did business with were all paid back on time with the agree upon interest rate and no claims were made against insurers.

This fraudulent ruling appears to be made based on politics alone, but for the State of New York to go after the former President because they don't like Donald Trump should set off warning lights and bells to other businesses that do business in the State of New York too as the State could soon come after them next.

@Teapartier_Al on X.com on February 16, 2024 stated that this sets a very bad precedence and is dangerous, because banks and insurers set their own requirements to get loans and insurance, whereas banks and insurers don't depend on a businesses financial perspective or balanced scorecard in order to make loans or insure things.  This corrupt ruling now will hit the law books in New York as case law and it could now be used against any other businesses in the future that does business in the State of New York.

@Teapartier_Al warned, "If the State don't like you for any odd reason you could be next."  @Teapartier_Al stated, that if he were planning on opening a business or was in business in New York, he would either not start a business in New York or if he was already in business, @Teapartier_Al stated that he would move his company out of New York immediately in order to protect and prevent retaliation by the State of New York against the businesses politics, thoughts, religion, or other beliefs.

In an "CATS Roundtable" interview on WABC 770 Radio with New York State Governor Kathy Hochul, which also aired on The Faulkner Focus on the Fox News Channel, Governor Kathy Hochul stated, “The law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are business people have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior.”

We would tend not believe anything that this partisan Governor is claiming is different about Trump, as this case wasn't about fraud, this case was about 'Getting Trump' at all cost.  Teapartier_Al makes an excellent point here that this case could be used against any business in the future for any drummed up reason.

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, Wife Nadine Menendez, And Three Other New Jersey Businessmen Charged With Bribery Offenses.

Photo of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez

New York: Immediate Release

According to U.S. District Court Southern District of New York Damian Williams, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Assistant Director James Smith who is in charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced an Indictment was unsealed this morning against U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, Wife Nadine Menendez (a/k/a “Nadine Arslanian”), Wael Hana (a/k/a “Will Hana”), Jose Uribe, and Fred Daibes for participating in a years-long bribery scheme.

Indictment of U.S. Sentor Robert Menendez

The Federal indictment
alleges that U.S. Senator Robert Menendez and his wife Nadine Menendez had accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars

Photo of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez and his wife

in bribes from Wael Hana, Jose Uribe, and Fred Daibes in exchange for Senator Robert Menendez's agreement to use his official position as Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee to protect and enrich Wael Hana, Jose Uribe, and Fred Daibes and benefiting the Government of Egypt.

Photo of one of the Bribes

The United States Attorney stated that U.S. Senator Robert Menendez had agreed and sought to pressure a senior official at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in an effort to protect a business monopoly granted to Wael Hana by Egypt, disrupt a criminal case undertaken by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office related to associates of Jose Uribe, and disrupt a federal criminal prosecution brought by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey against Fred Daibes.

According to the allegations in the Indictment unsealed today in Manhattan federal court:

Senator Robert Menendez is the senior U.S. Senator from New Jersey and currently the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Nadine Menendez began dating Bob Menendez in February 2018, they became engaged in October 2019, and they married in October 2020.  Shortly after they began dating in 2018, Nadine Menendez introduced Senator Menendez to her long-time friend Wael Hana, who is originally from Egypt, lived in New Jersey, and maintained close connections with Egyptian officials.  Wael Hana was also business associates with Fred Daibes, a New Jersey real estate developer and long-time donor to Senator Menendez, and Jose Uribe, who worked in the New Jersey insurance and trucking business.

Photo of one of the Bribes

The indictment alleges between 2018 and 2022, Senator Robert Menendez and Nadine Menendez agreed to and did accept hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of bribes from Wael Hana, Fred Daibes, and Jose Uribe.  These bribes included gold, cash, a luxury convertible, payments toward Nadine Menendez's' home mortgage, compensation for a low-or-no-show job for Nadine Menendez, home furnishings, and other things of value.

In June 2022, the FBI executed a search warrant at the New Jersey home of the Menendez's'.  During that search, the FBI found many of the fruits of this bribery scheme, including cash, gold, the luxury convertible, and home furnishings.  Over $480,000 in cash — much of it stuffed into envelopes and hidden in clothing, closets, and a safe — was discovered in the home, as well as over $70,000 in cash in Nadine Menendez’s safe deposit box, which was also searched pursuant to a separate search warrant.  Some of the envelopes contained the fingerprints and/or DNA of Fred Daibes or his driver.  Other of the envelopes were found inside jackets bearing Senator Robert Menendez’s name and hanging in his closet, as depicted below.

Photo of one of the Bribes

Photo of one of the Bribes

Photo of one of the Bribes

Photo of one of the Bribes

Photo of one of the Bribes

FBI Assistant Director in Charge James Smith said: “The FBI has made investigating public corruption a top priority since our founding — nothing has changed.  The alleged conduct in this conspiracy damages the public’s faith in our system of government and brings undue scorn to the honest and dedicated public servants who carry out their duties on a daily basis.  To those inclined to use the status of their public office for personal benefit, or those willing to provide bribes in an attempt to gain influence from a public official, the FBI will ensure that you face the consequences in the criminal justice system for your underhanded dealings.”

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said, “As the grand jury charged, between 2018 and 2022, Senator Menendez and his wife engaged in a corrupt relationship with Wael Hana, Jose Uribe, and Fred Daibes – three New Jersey businessmen who collectively paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes, including cash, gold, a Mercedes Benz, and other things of value – in exchange for Senator Menendez agreeing to use his power and influence to protect and enrich those businessmen and to benefit the Government of Egypt.  My Office is firmly committed to rooting out corruption, without fear or favor, and without any regard to partisan politics.  We will continue to do so.”

Senator Robert Menendez, Nadine Menendez, Wael Hana, Jose Uribe, and Fred Daibes are expected to appear in federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, at 10:30 a.m.  The case is assigned to U.S. District Judge Sidney H. Stein.

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Story Attribution: US District Court Southern District of New YorkPeer Reviewed Politics Article Author: @TeaPartier_Al on TwitterDate: September 22, 2023Video Clip Duration: 00:24:46Photos and Video Credit: US District Court Southern District of New York.

WASHINGTON DCDOJ 'Turns Blind Eye on Biden Corruption as Informant Goes Missing

RepBurchett Picture

Peer Reviewed Politics™: Rep. Burchett (R) states that a Biden corruption informant has gone missing.  Rep. James Comer (R) stated that the informant is nowhere to be found, so the GOP may investigate futher into the allegations of the Biden family bribery scheme.

Rep. Burchett confirmed GOP officials can not track down this key informant witness as of Monday morning, according to an interview with Maria Bartiromo of FOX Business.  Rep. Burchett is now calling for House Republicans to use the power of the purse in withholding funding from the FBI to force the intelligence committee to comply with the subpoenas from the House Intel committee.

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: FOX BusinessAuthor(s): Alan Hoffer - Peer Reviewed Politics / Taylor Penley and Maria Bartiromo - FOX BusinessDate: May 15, 2023Duration: 00:07:54Photo/Video Credit: Snapshot from FOX Business video

VideoFormer Member of Congress Charged with Multiple Fraud Schemes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A 28-count indictment was unsealed on August 16, 2022 by the DOJ in the Eastern District of California charging a former member of Congress with multiple fraud schemes and campaign contribution fraud.

Terrance John “TJ” Cox, 59, of Fresno, CA., has been charged with fifteen counts of wire fraud, eleven counts of money laundering, one count of financial institution fraud, and one count of campaign contribution fraud.

Allegations in the indictment, Cox perpetrated multiple fraud schemes targeting companies he was affiliated with and their clients and vendors.  Cox created unauthorized off-the-books bank accounts and diverted client and company money into those accounts through false representations, pretences and promises.  From 2013 to 2018, across two different fraud schemes, Cox illicitly obtained over $1.7 million in diverted client payments, company loans, and investments Cox solicited and then stole.

VideoJim Jordan says 14 whistleblowers have come forward

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan says that 14 whistleblowers have come forward with allegations of misconduct by the FBI. National Correspondent Logan Ratick reports.

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: NewMaxAuthor(s): Logan Ratick - Reporter NewsMaxDate: August 16, 2022 Duration: 00:03:18Photo/Video Credit: NewsMax

VideoThree of Lina Hidalgo’s aides, including chief of staff, indicted in Harris County contract award scandal

Harris County, TXThree employees who work for Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo were indicted by a grand jury on charges in relation to how they helped award a contract for COVID-19 vaccine outreach last year.

  • Attribution: Peer Reviewed Politics™Media Attribution: The Texas TribuneAuthor(s): Zach Despart - Political reporter  - | Date: April 11, 2022 Duration: 00:00:00Photo/Video Credit: The Texas Tribune