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A webpage on civics at a news / media website?  Yes, glad you asked!

Here at Peer Reviewed Politics we think our schools have failed our children in explaining the founding of this great nation.

Some teachers and schools have been teaching what we would call: "The four steps to communism."

  • 1.) Demoralization
  • 2.) Destabilization
  • 3.) Crisis
  • 4.) Normalization

Cambridge dictionary calls Demoralization:

  • The process of making someone lose confidence, enthusiasm, and hope
  • Increasing state power was responsible for the demoralization of the workers.
  • This was the beginning of demoralization among the troops.

Hey, we didn't write the definitions, you just were never paying attention.

Anyhow, we believe that we are in the 3rd step of this communist plan and some others would say we are in the 4th step of this plan.  Is it working so far?  Yes somewhat, but what these communist did not plan on, its a lot harder than it looks to implement communism in a free society, which has a Bill of Rights.  This is why the communist and far left wing loons wanted to get rid of your rights during the pandemic using an emergency crisis's and gun control legislation in years 2021 and 2022.

The Bill of Rights

Remember, the Bill of Rights?  Yes, this is the document that tells government that they can not violate certain unalienable rights and that these rights are legal, social, and ethical principles, which are required to live in freedom and to have entitlements.  When the Constitution was drafted the founders worked feverishly in properly wording the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

Particular influence over the wording and layout of Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence was John Locke’s Second Treatise. Thomas Jefferson built on the opening words of the Declaration of Independence from a belief that all individuals are held to a “Natural Law” or “Moral Law.”

Thomas Jefferson and the other framers of the constitution wanted to establish a political and governmental system, which aligned with the natural rights ordained by God and to reflect the morality of individuals within the Declaration and the U.S. Constitution.

In the constitution, the founders declared that our rights are natural and self-evident, all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.  This was one of the most significant things to the drafters, 'the belief in natural law.'  This was one guiding principles for American independence and its governance, which can be found in William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England.  There's also an edited American version of this book that was wrote by George St. Tucker too.

As a citizen of the United States, you have duties, just like our elected officials.  I bet most of the younger generation did not know this, either?  One of our founders, Former President 'George Washington', wrote The Rules Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation, (c. 1748)

Since a lot of our (K-12) schools no longer teach civics or the Constitution anymore in schools, it has really weaken our society over all, and it has let communism crepe into the United States as being acceptable point of view to have.

When actually it's never, in the history of this country, been alright to teach the idea of communism as being good, whatsoever.  In societies that have implemented communism as a whole, it ends up conflicting with the societies economic system, peoples freedoms, and promotes the distrust of their market systems.  Too top it off, its has failed everywhere it's been tried and millions have died under communism, because it eventually leads to dictatorship to force people to comply.

The question should be why would any of these so called woke people want the United States to try a system that has failed over and over?  We would contend that the answer lies within the question.

The Constitution doesn't allow an elected official(s) to sell off the national treasures of the United States, no matter how much a politician prostitutes himself, because no government official has this kind of power in this republic, as We The People own this country and politicians need the consent of the governed to enact laws.  It's why we have a check and balance system.  If our politicians and parties leading the country to accepting government based programs, not encouraging people to work, and educate themselves, we should all start to worry, as we will stop growing, and our society will become dependent on government, which will create huge deficits that will eventually lead to the bankruptcy of this country.

May be the problem with the communist/socialist is that they just don't quite understand how our economic system works, whereas this system can never really go communist, because of it's design by nature.  This is just one of the reasons why we must get back to basics again and teach our children about the republic, which we all inherited.  Without doing so, we eventually could lose our ways and society will begin to decay to a point where our republic will be lost, just like the word of the Lord has been lost from our Country.  @Teapartier_Al said, "A country without morals is a lost society."  1 Corinthians 15:33 - "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners."

Without morals we will have lack of civility, good manners and fairness, which promotes hate, lawless, crime, and people not caring anymore, kind of like we seen in the Summer of Love (2020) in Seattle and in Portland, Oregon.  These are only some of the things we will see, it will get much worse with dictators telling us all how to live our lives, which will lead to more tribalism and separation of us all.


So what is civics?

  • Some call it a branch of political science, which deals with civic affairs, the rights, and duties of citizens.
  • Some call it the science of civil government and the principles of government in there application to society.

If you said either one or something in-between you are partially right, but remember it's also your duty to 'get involve' too. Getting involved is probably one of the most singularity important parts of civics, as citizen. Without involvement, civics really doesn't work without the citizen and the process of government is left without checks and balances, because you too are apart of the constitutional process.

Don't believe us?  Look at the Vaccine Mandates (No vax, lose your job, no transplants, and other threats), the continued uncontrolled spending, and 9.1% inflation that we had in June of 2022 just after a 0.75% increase in interest by the Fed to curb inflation, which the Fed early called the inflation matter, just transitory.  Well how did raising the interest rate work out?  It pretty much did nothing, but made thing worse.

In 2021, we left the government to a leftist party, which had the intent to turn our nation in to something that modeled some kind of socialist or utopian country with the intent on ruling WeThePeople like we are subjects (Liberal World Order), not citizens.  Should you not go along with the liberal agenda, then the liberals will work to make you comply by forcing you to do things, if you don't go along to get along, well then you are canceled, ie., look at the vaccination mandate, forcing folks to go against the conscience, or lose their jobs.  Just look below at what happened to the founder of our website.

The founder of this website, @Teapartier_Al was a victim of this type of dictator behavior at his old employer, Dell Technologies.  The employer (Dell) who does contracting work for the Boeing Company, took action against @Teapartier_Al after he responded back to an e-mail about the requirement being put on employees to be vaccinated.

This is a violation of the Federal HIPAA laws and violates Constitutional privacy rights of the individual.  At the end of @Teapartier_Al's e-mail response, he put #F****JoeBiden.  @Teapartier_Al was called that night by his employer and she asked him what is she's going to do, over and over.  @Teapartier_Al said, do nothing.  @Teapartier_Al said these are people he works with and they are his friends, they will understand.  The next day, @Teapartier_Al was told at the end of day that HR is going take a look at the e-mail and not to go back to work at Boeing until HR has a meeting and reviews the complaint.

Well, it was determined by HR that @Teapartier_Al did nothing wrong by responding to his employer and the contractor (Boeing) by e-mail, as he was only providing a heads up on what may happen, that he was going to take his vacation, that he was not going to provide medical information to his employer as its a HIPAA violation and violates his constitutional rights to privacy, and because of this mandate policy that he may no longer have a job when he gets back off vacation.

The e-mail is protected speech, even though it had some politics in it, because the politics that was in the e-mail were related to the employees' job, and then being mandated to use a vaccine that is experimental, this could not be considered just politics alone as it involved one's' health, so the speech was suppose to be protected.  HR stated that there was no wrong doing, but the employer and the contractor obviously had other ideas about the e-mail, other than what the law requires and HR clarified.

Heres what happened: @Teapartier_Al was laid off approximately 5 months after his employer removed him from his position at Boeing.  This story gets worse from there, but the point here is @Teapartier_Al had duty to get involved or just go do what the employer told him to do on his personal time and with his own personal body.

If you allow an employer or the government to have control over ones self, you will no longer have control over ones self, then a employer could tell you to jump off a bridge and you would need do so, or you could be reprimanded, or even lose your job.  Just remember, the government could even do worse.

Within our civics page we will try to point out some what some of your constitutional duties are and we may also attempt to explain why our founders did this.  We will also attempt to explain why our current politicians are more worried about filling their pockets versus serving their country.

Let's just jump right in to our duties as citizens and then we will list some rules of civility and decent behavior which one of our founders wrote.

The first one in the Constitution is Assemble.  This is a huge and very important word.  It allows citizens peacefully to have rallies, protests, and/or to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  It's part of our First Amendment rights.  Many folks say that this is one of the most important rights #WeThePeople have, upon the founding of this nation.

Next, You can't have one without the other, yes we are talking about the second amendment...  The Second Amendment also has civic duties too.  Did you know you have duties of being a Militia as necessary to the security of a free State?  This is why you have gun rights, its not for hunting like some would like you to believe.

The President, Congress, and/or the Judiciary cannot change these rights whatsoever and the Constitution warns the government that it shall not infringe upon the amendment, either.

This duty in the Second Admendment is called: To keep and bear arms.  It's there to keep our goverment from becoming tyrannical towards its citizens, like England once did to its citizens.

In the 5th amendment, it asks citizens¹ to do another job, this time citizens make sure the rights of the accused rights are protected by providing them a Grand Jury and due process for the accused by using citizens as jurors.  This is what separates us from savages and mob rules.

Who can vote?:  Just cause you're were born here in the USA doesn't give you the right of voting, as this requires citizenship.  The only two legal ways to have citizenship and voting rights is through parentage or the naturalization process.  The 14th amendment defines Citizenship based on parentage, meaning your subject to the jurisdiction thereof.  This makes you a citizen of the United States and of the State where you reside.  Many people misunderstand the meaning in the constitution, but parentage is outlined in the edited version of the Blackstone commentaries written by St. George Tucker.

In the 15th amendment it asks citizens as a matter of your rights, whereas government may not deny or abridged the right to vote of citizens, and as a citizen you have a duty to vote.  If you don't vote, you really can't and don't have a right to criticize your government in the way it's being run.

Portrait of Henry St. George Tucker by Anne Fletcher

According to Virginia history, St. George Tucker was a lawyer, teacher, poet, essayist, inventor, and judge.  St. George Tucker was one of the most influential jurists and legal scholars in the early years of the United States.  St. George Tucker served as a jurist from 1804 until his death in 1827, during this time St. George Tucker sat on three courts in Virginia; the General Court during 1789 to 1804.  In 1804 he was appointed by President James Madison to Virginia's the Court of Appeals during 1804 to 1811, and he also served on U.S. District Court for the District of Virginia and High Court of Appeals (the Eastern District of Virginia) from 1813 to 1825.  St. George Tucker also served as rector from 1789 to 1790 and professor of law for 14 years (1790–1804) at the College of William and Mary.  St. George Tucker wrote a five-volume American edition of Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, published in 1803, was the first major treatise on American law which includes citizenship.

Will be continued.

Case #1: Politicians know that you and your family are busy².  Politicians also know they can hide things, inside these huge bills that are thousands of pages long, because quite frankly, a U.S. Citizens attention span in the making of law is that of a Nat, at best. No pun intended.

Most people are just too busy to get involved in law making and other types government, that's the reason we have representatives, because we don't have the time to read 2000 page bills.  In some cases, neither do our legislatures have the time to read these bills either but they still vote on them, especially when it has to be read overnight, and then voted on the next day.  You can only imagine what kind of problems this is going to create for all of us.  This is like not having representation. One can only ask, why the heck are we paying for representatives, if they're not representing you?

Secondly, those of us who do have time to get involved, well a lot of us don't have that giant megaphone, so we can alert the masses about important issues that are being hid in bill's.  The end result, WeThePeople can't properly respond to our legislatures in time on these bills, if we don't know what is in it, or if our representatives are voting on something.

Politicians should be aware that they are elected to study bills for us not for themselves to buy stock on.  Our representatives should relay the information in those bills back to their constituents, so the citizens and the communities can weight in and make the right decisions for 'their future'.

A lot of times constituents end up paying for something they don't want, as congress passes a bill without the consent of the govern, and then those expenses are passed along to constituents to pay.  End result, the constituent sometimes pays for something not needed, paying twice for it by the duplication of pork programs, or it ends up costs jobs because of the new regulations or laws.

No thought whatsoever goes in to these bills and damn be the people, the who ones who loose there jobs, because 'someone' did not do their job reading the bill and notifying their constituents about the covenants in the bill, so the constituents could weight in on it.

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Updated on June 23, 2022

Case #2: In the disturbance at U.S. capital on January 6, 2021, there was an election protest, which over 1.5 million people came to Washington D.C., so they could peacefully protest at the capital about election irregularities and hopefully get some kind of resolve to their concerns.

A few people (about 400), out of the million plus people that were peaceful and who lawfully protested, who decided on the own behalf to take it out on the Historic Capital building for whatever reason they had.  Who knows it may have been something to do with those generic letters that our congress sends out to people's complaints, I don't know why everyone was there at the capital, but obviously what I seen, people wanted our elected officials attention.

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Updated on June 23, 2022

So out of roughly 1.5 million peaceful people vs. about 400 people who went inside the capital, we really don't think that is an insurrection, especially when no one had a gun that was arrested. Want to talk about science, technically the amount of people who entered the capital are less than .000267% of all those that came that day to Washington, D.C. to protest.

We know the reason why the 1.5 million people were there in DC, it was because of the election fraud everyone was seeing.  The fact that congress doesn't want to understand what had happen just goes to show that some politicians are not only out of touch with realities of the people, but they're out of touch with the history of the government they're serving, if not down right corrupt.

The people outside the People's House wanted an investigation of the Dominican voting machines and other irregularities, because Trump was winning by phenomenal amount of votes before people went to bed.  We thought that the protesters had made it pretty clear they wanted this investigated.  Did that happen?  Nothing... happen, no investigation whatsoever...

The question here should be, "why did no investigation happen?"  You say its because of a few idiots?  Our elected official are not investigating this when their is proof that these machines were hacked and internet connections existed on these machines when they're were not suppose to have internet connection.  How about the irregularities that showed up on camera and equipment monitoring the voting equipment, which has been confirmed to be both Democrats and Republicans involved in this, but no investigation?  Yet it's OK to frame someone for impeachment?

Yes, there are still questions as to why the people entered the capital that day, prior to Trump and the other peaceful protesters from the rally getting to the capital, which is 2 miles away.  We really need to know what these peoples motives were.

What's being ignored here are all the serious allegations of elections and voter fraud, which were made about public in the election, then swept under the rug after this protest.

Several branches of State and Federal governments have failed in their fiduciary duties and did nothing to investigate the claims made by constituents and poll workers.  The governors and the Secretaries did nothing, either.  Worst of all, Legislatures were locked out of their own house in some states, while others were not called in to session by their respected governors to start an investigation.  None of our politicians took any of this seriously, thus the frustration mounted and expanded.  My question is why?

By December 20, 2020, the outrage and frustration of more than half of the country's voters in this election was very apparent to me and lots of my friends too, yet instead of addressing the root causes of the problem, the establishment politicians ignored it.  Like the election fraud, this all appears like this was well planned to make sure former President Trump never runs again.  The media made it apparent that they were not covering any of it and so did social media.

Case #3 Both the news and social media have done everything they could to suppress the news prior and after the election, including irregularities, audits of the election, and the two court cases by either throttling, censoring, blocking, and/or labeling posts as false or missing context. Social and TV Media has refused to talk about it and if you do, well, the mic is cut off, you're moved to a commercial then you are told to leave, or your blocked canceled or banned.  The question here should be why is this all being covered up? We thought this was a fair election, why would you not want to entertain a audit? We suggest that if people were aware of their civic duties as citizens, would this even be happening in our country?  We don't think so.

Will be Continued...


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