Attention Advertisers, Sponsors, Link providers

Peer Reviewed Politics™ is currently seeking advertisers, sponsors, link providers for our web pages.

Peer Reviewed Politics™ is currently actively looking for advertisers, sponsors, and link provider for our current all volunteer website.  We are a new media/news website, which publishes stories that the local and national media Censor or ignore.

In the last several months since June, when we put our newly named and reconfigured the website online, we currently have had more 15,200 hits on our Peer Reviewed Politics™ website in the last 3 1/2 months with over 5,800 pages views, over 1400 visitors, over 800 unique vistors, and most of these statistics are for September 2022.

On our new site (, the current average (September 2022) users spent 436 seconds on our website.

Our old website (, which we are decommissioning at the end of the 2022 year, has had 29,205 hits, 13,000 pages where viewed, 2,800 visits and over 2200 unique visitors just this year without advertising.  In 2021 ( had over 98,100 hits, 35,700 pages viewed, 4,100 visits, and more than 2,800 unique visits.

On our old website (, current average (September 2022) users spent 472 seconds on this website.  Both sites have the same content, just different domain names.

If you check the World Leaders in Research-Based User Experience "The Nielsen Norman Group" on how long a user will stay on a website you will see about 10 to 20 seconds with an average of 45 seconds for good sites. Click here to see the research

Anything over 2 minutes is pretty impressive and anything between 45 seconds to 2 minutes is on par for niche sites.  Our lowest average between the two domain names is 400+ average seconds on our websites with our users going on to more pages on our site vs. other other sites where the visitor leaves, if they don't find what they want).

What this means for you?  The customer will see your advertisement on our site, before the customer leaves the website, which increases the likelihood that the viewer will click on an ad or come back to your website at a later date, if they're interested in your advertisement.  You don't need to wonder about clicks and someone farming out your advertisement to a click bait farm to bleed your advertising budget, either.

Your advertisements run day and night on our website and your ad don't get swapped out with other companies advertisements during the day.  Another nice thing, our site has repeat visitors (1.4 and 1.8 vistors) between the two websites under secured protocols.  What this means, on our site, about half or more of the people on our site will return within that month.  This means people could see your advertisement multiple times.  Repeated views by visitors seeing your ad more than once,could likely lead to a vistor being inticed or having a need for the product or service your business sells.

Our pages load fast, content is updated as we get stories the viewer wants to hear, we publish a variety of news articles and media information on our site with a mix coming from trusted news network sites as well as from our own volunteer journalists.

We do not make up stories or publish fake news and/or push narratives on our site.  We provide our viewers with truth and information that the user can use.  If any current stories we post are found to be false, we will update the story, retracting incorrect information in the article.  We have policies to comport ourselves in a manner worthy of a position of public trust as well, so your ad must also meet our standards to be posted on our website.

Our company has visited a variety of websites who use ad-posting companies, where as we also have visited a few of these ad-post companies ourselves, we have decided to offer our web space advertising directly to the advertiser or ad buyer who wants to advertise on our site vs. using a bunch of ad-posting companies to sell our unused web space for us.  It cuts out the middle man and gives everyone a better value.

Why we are doing this? This will allow us to control the ad placement, size shape, and some of the designs of the ad, whereas some designs can be real bothersome to visitors, and if the ads are not properly made and posted, or if there's a ton of pop-ups, the visitor may leave the website, never to retuen again.  This can cause a loss of returning visitors and customers, because no one wants to try to close a pop-up page over and over, especially when that visitor is entering or leaving the website and this popped-up page keeps showing up stopping the person from moving on, Oh, So Annoying!.

We at Peer Reviewed Politics™ just don't like those annoying ad pop ups and we are sure you don't either.  Thats why we like the ability for us to control where ads are located and designed of the ad on our site, whereas companies like Google's AdSense and other types of woke ad-post companies, sometimes will push communist race theory crap and will discriminate against publishers based on their politics, beliefs, business size, business revenues, businesses choices, as well as a lot of other things.

It not our job to tell oue visitors how to live their lives, we just provide information to our visitors, and allow the visitor to make up their own minds.  Life is short, you don't need another thing to slow you down in life.  Our viewers love the clean look of our website and the fast loading times of our website too, which has NO annoying pop ups or flashing signs, whatsoever.

The best thing about our ads, our prices are extremely fair, reasonable and affordable.  Advertisers will find that they will get a better value for their money here vs. the 3rd party click-bait advertising programs from others.  Another plus with using publishers like us, you get to see the website for yourself, unlike with the ad-post companies who run ads on websites unseen by you.  There is a lot to think about when advertising, with that being said, some of these sites may not even represent your company or personal values or views either.  Another cool thing about publishers like us, you will know exactly how much you will pay every single month for your advertising budget, versus being surprised by a unknown bill at the end of the month and no customers to boot, either.

Typical ads:

  • Limited Time: 60X60 - Normally about $105.00 per month, more than 1/2 off right now, $25.00 per month.  This includes a link to your website and/or social media site.  You get a link, 60x60 logo or ad on everyone of our pages for one month.
  • Limited Time: 80x80 - Normally about $140.00 per month, more than 1/2 off right now, $30.00 per month.  This includes a link to your website and/or social media site.  You get a link, 80x80 logo or ad on everyone of our pages for one month.
  • Limited Time: Best Deal 100x100 - Normally about $175.00 per month, way more than half off right now, $35 per month.  This includes a link to your website and/or social media site.  You get a link, 100x100 logo or ad on everyone of our pages for one month.

We can even customize your ad into our news video clips and media clips too.

To find out more, please e-mail us: